Reconnect students to nature with Vireo’s hydroponic garden project

We support teachers in cultivating eco-citizens while students experience the magic of growing vegetables and learning to care for nature, themselves and each other in class.

See the magic!

How does it work?


Create a stimulating environment with a hassle-free garden. Powerful, hands-on learning and development tool.

Digital platform

Bring innovation to your school! Content and functionalities that engage your students and develop their autonomy.


Support designed to help schools offer immersive and memorable project-based learning.

A turnkey project to create a stimulating environment that allows students to connect with nature and learn healthy lifestyle habits.

The Vireo school garden project is integrated into the students’ environment, enabling them to interact with nature on a daily basis. This immediate proximity to the vegetable garden makes it possible to create lasting impacts on their lifestyle and education. As a result, their creativity, well-being and productivity could be greatly improved.


Vireo is more than just food production, it’s the development of essential life skills, entrepreneurial spirit, discipline, and learning with and about nature.

« The vegetable garden is transformed into a living laboratory where young people can observe, experiment, understand and cooperate in real life. The hydroponic garden becomes a meaningful place of learning, as does experimenting with indoor gardening. »

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You want to experience an engaging project that will change your school? 

Discover how St. Romuald Elementary School used a Vireo garden project to increase engagement and motivation in learning.

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Let’s sow a better tomorrow today!

Integrating a vegetable garden in your school allows you to set up a concrete and stimulating project that promotes learning in a fun way as well as the acquisition of essential life skills. In addition to this, urban agriculture in schools offers the opportunity for a wide array of projects and responds to current concerns.

A project of endless possibilities

differents type de projets

Entrepreneurial project

Environmental project

Healthy eating project

Well-being project

Community project

School adaptation project

or extracurricular project

Vireo home kids school salad


La Découverte School

« The whole school is very satisfied with the service from Vireo. Quick, efficient responses and attentive staff. »

Marie-Pierre Normand, Teacher, La Découverte School

Jean-de-Bréboeuf High School
« This project allowed us to learn to work as a team, to divide up tasks and to get to know each other much better. It took perseverance and resourcefulness to get through the difficulties we encountered. »
Marianne Bernier, Student, Jean-de-Brébeuf High School, Entrepreneurial Project

Saguenay Lac St-Jean School

« This project opens the door to a whole range of possibilities, from science, to the arts, including mathematics and French! The possibilities are endless and fit perfectly into our training program for all grade levels at the school. »
Teacher from Saguenay Lac St-Jean

Cégep Champlain St. Lawrence

« At start, the projects that were submitted to us, did not meet our technical risks requirements. You have answered all my doubts and questions. »
Julie Coulombe, Administrative Services Coordinator, St. Lawrence Cegep Champlain

Montérégie School

« This kind of project had interested me in the past, but we did not have the resources or the support to allow the project to be developed properly. Having the materials and the support from Vireo make our team feel more confident while also tying it all into the school’s training program. »
Teacher from Montérégie

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