The indoor educational garden project that helps students grow

Get the tools you need to train the eco-citizens of tomorrow.

Hydroponics has several benefitsfor the sustainability of society and for the well-being of citizens. Incorporating urban gardens in schools is a rewarding way of integrating essential values into the lives of the eco-citizens of tomorrow.

What does a Vireo turnkey project include?

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Garden and equipment

Access to the Vireo digital platform for the whole school

Guidance and technical support

Garden and equipment

  • The easy to use and easy to install indoor hydroponic garden.
  • All the equipment necessary for the maintenance of the garden.
  • The single use consumables such as seeds, substrates, and cleaning solutions.
  • A cultivar guide on the seeds selected for the year.

Access to the Vireo digital platform for the whole school

The Vireo coordination and teaching platform offers guidance through a user-friendly interface.

Filled with useful tools and features, the app transforms your experience by guiding you to success. Realizing a project from A to Z has never been so easy.

Designed to meet the needs of the school team, it creates an immersive context that maximizes learning.

Guidance and technical support

Create a memorable project that will leave a lasting impression on your students. Whatever your project may be, we will guide you towards the achievement of your goals. Intuitive tools and our team itself are at your disposal to guide you in order to ensure the sustainability of the project and a comparable success year after year.

Incorporate a unique and tangible project that promotes learning at your school

Access the trial version of the platform

The implementation process

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Project onboarding

During the initial phase of your project, a specialist in urban agriculture projects in schools will organize a meeting with you to discuss your project, ambitions and objectives.

A coordinator from our team will also be assigned to your project in order to provide you with all the necessary support.

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    Project support

    Via the digital platform, you receive all the necessary support and accompaniment, during all phases of your project to ensure the success of your project.

    The goal here is to create with you a long-lasting project that won’t require a ton of work for the school team.

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      vireo support renew hydroponic garden

      Impact and feedback

      We’ll take the time to discuss how the year went, how students may have performed, and your overall feddback.

      We can also discuss ideas for next year’s project!

      Learn more about how you can start a garden project inside your school