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Get the tools you need to train the eco-citizens of tomorrow.


Hydroponics has several benefits for the sustainability of society and for the well-being of citizens. Incorporating urban gardens in schools is a rewarding way of integrating essential values ​​into the lives of the eco-citizens of tomorrow. 

Don’t be at the expense of climate, this type of culture will produce fresh food, even in winter. Your students will be able to see crops throughout the whole year. Let’s act together today to build our future.

A stimulating educational project with a lasting impact

  • Adaptability of the project to all contexts and school environments: primary, secondary, higher education, special education class, vocational training, community environment.


  • Abundant harvest in summer and winter with an easy-to-use system


  • Garden integrated into the direct environment of the students which creates a daily connection and lasting learning, thus promoting increased creativity, well-being and productivity.


  • Wide variety of seeds



  • Educational tools that are accessible to the whole school. The library and activities found on the digital platform are available to every member of the school.
educational project child school harvest

«It’s great that our vegetable garden can operate all year round, regardless of the season. Kale, cherry tomatoes and herbs in February, it’s easy to get used to!»

5th year teacher, Montérégie region.

Turnkey package for your school indoor garden – the hassle-free educational project for your school

All the material needed for the project

  • The indoor hydroponic garden easy to use and install
  • Maintenance equipment for the hydroponic garden
  • Single-use consumables such as cleaning solutions, substrates and seeds
  • A cultivar guide with selected seeds for the year
  • Possibility of customizing the type of garden culture so that it’s in accordance with the preferences and orientations of your school’s project
vireo illustration materiel shovel

Support from A to Z

vireo initial support for hydroponic garden

Initial support

During the initial phase of your project, a pedagogical specialist from Vireo will organize a meeting with you to discuss your project, ambitions and objectives.

Following this meeting, you will be given a personalized educational path that meets your specific requirements. A coordinator from our team will also be assigned to your project in order to provide you with all the necessary support.

vireo hydroponic garden project support

Project support

Via the digital platform, you receive all the necessary support and accompaniment, during all phases of your project, both technically, agronomically and pedagogically, to ensure the success of your project.

In addition to the educational tools available via the platform, we offer you our human support whenever you need it.

The goal here is to create with you a long-lasting project that won’t require a ton of work for the school team.

vireo hydroponic garden project support
vireo hydroponic garden renewal support


Vireo contributes to the success of its clients’ various projects thanks to its 360 approach. Each year clients have the opportunity to renew their project according to new objectives or to explore new project possibilities with their project coordinator. 

With Vireo, the project options are truly endless. If you want to develop a creative, entrepreneurial, community, well-being, environmental, meditative or any other type of project … it’s possible. Our team helps you bring your ideas to life.

In order to ensure the sustainability of the project and comparable success year after year, we offer you a renewable solution, which combines support and education.


The package also gives you access to educational activities that can be adapted to the official training programs of your region and which can be incorporated into the educational path of your students. These activities are enhanced year after year and are compatible with various pedagogical approaches.

Among other things, on the digital platform, you can find activities related to entrepreneurship, sustainable development, urban agriculture and many other subjects. Moreover, the library of activities of the digital platform are accessible to the whole school.

vireo pedagogy group children plantation

A digital platform to stay at the forefront of learning

vireo digital software service

Access to a digital platform designed for the needs of schools and to a community that allows you to connect with other teachers who are passionate about educating their students and eager to create memorable projects.

The digital platform integrates several games and activities that allow students to interact, learn from the vegetable garden and satisfy their curiosity independently. Various intuitive features are available to facilitate your teaching.

“With our turnkey school garden package, we are committed to supporting you and offering you much more than an indoor vegetable garden! We will be present throughout the project and we will make sure to create, with you, a community to train the eco-citizens and leaders of tomorrow.”

Offer your students training in sustainable development thanks to Vireo hydroponics.

Let Vireo introduce young people to the basics of sustainable development and the circular economy. 

The immersive and fun Vireo educational garden for schools offers young people the opportunity to discover themselves as eco-entrepreneurs. They will be able to learn the principles of social responsibility, ethics, responsible marketing and management of social and collective enterprise.


How does a school hydroponic garden work?

vireo semons hydroponic garden
vireo semons jardin hydroponique

Designed expressly for the school environment, the Vireo vegetable garden fits into spaces with simplicity and ease.


  • 3-storey garden on wheels, so it has very good mobility and fits easily into a standard door frame.
  • Generates bountiful harvests all year round.
  • The system can easily be shut down during extended absences or during school holidays.
  • Requires only a standard outlet (120V) and does not require a direct connection to the aqueduct.
  • Horticultural and energy-efficient lights with timer. The vegetable garden can be located where there is little or no natural light.

Do you have questions about the system? Refer to our FAQ or contact us!

Stimulate your students by personalizing the vegetable garden and creating a unique project each year

Depending on your goals and ambitions, each year you and your students have the opportunity to choose the type of project you want to carry out

Best of all: Vireo accompanies you throughout your project and designs a personalized educational path for your ambitions and those of your students.

You can even choose the type of seed you want to grow!

vireo service students planting salad