Educational gardens for all

Students grow plants, fruits and vegetables with project-based learning all year long.

Vireo’s educational approach

Educational Approach

Each student has different needs and learns in different ways. Taking this reality into account, the Vireo project advocates an inclusive, flexible and immersive pedagogical approachthat responds to different learning needs and contexts in schools.

With this in mind, the educational project can fit easily into any teaching environment and we support you to ensure the optimization of learning.

Our gardens promote active learning

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With the Vireo school garden, the students are placed at the very center of the project. Each year it’s possible for you to create a new educational experience in which students are concretely involved in the process and decisions.

By being architects and decision-makers of their educational garden project, students are encouraged to ask questions and find solutions to the various challenges and to get concretely involved in their own learning.


An educational project designed for the reality of teachers

educational approach
  • Project which is predictable and controllable in terms of harvest given that the crops are not at the mercy of the irregularities (varying temperatures, pests, etc.) that must be faced with an outdoor vegetable garden. This predictability facilitates educational planning.
  • Support for school stakeholders in the educational optimization of the garden project.
  • Project support to guarantee it’s durability.
  • Access to digital educational tools to facilitate planning and teaching.
  • Project that can be adapted to the school curriculum, the educational path of the class and the government training program applicable in your region.

Talk to our experts about the project possibilities

An educational experience to suit your school

  • Ability to create your own project from scratch. The project alternatives related to the educational garden are endless. Do you have something in mind that’s out of the ordinary? It’s even better! We support you in its realization to ensure a memorable project for you and your students.
  • Start a new project every year creating a constant novelty effect.
  • Project adapted to your needs, your ambitions and your objectives which offers great flexibility of use. Your students will be able to learn more about sustainable development, entrepreneurship, urban agriculture, science and more.

Why have a Vireo hydroponic school garden at your school?

The Vireo vegetable gardenhelps develop academic skills as well associal and personal skills through a personalized project that prepares young people for the future.

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