Vireo – To be green in Latin

Vireo specializes in the integration of urban agriculture projects in schools.

More specifically, we simplify school-based urban agriculture projects by providing you with the best products and support tools adapted to your reality to maximize the sustainable impact of your project. This way, you can focus on creating a memorable experience.

vireo enfants recoltes

“We want schools to benefit from the positive impacts of urban agriculture, together, we can grow our future leaders.”

– Alexandre Chamberland, Our Founder

What drives us

We believe that urban agriculture has the power to revolutionize communities and transform our relationship with nature. Human beings are fundamentally attracted by nature and need this beneficial connection.

This is why, at Vireo, our mission is to reconnect people with nature. To do so, we want to make urban agriculture projects accessible to communities, starting with schools.

We strongly believe in the positive impact these projects have in an educational setting on students, staff, and the whole learning environment. Students are placed at the center of the indoor garden project and are involved in a hands-on manner on a daily basis, maximizing learning opportunities.

Our multidisciplinary and dedicated team aims to equip and support you in projects that meet your needs and ambitions.

vireo enfants recoltes
vireo enfants recoltes

Bring your project to life!

vireo enfants recoltes

Our story

Vireo is first and foremost the dream of Alexandre Chamberland.

It all started at a local University, where the gardens’ original purpose was to supply the campus cafeteria with fresh produce. Alexandre Chamberland, our founder, noticed that every day, people were gathering around the gardens to learn and to experience the benefits of nature’s proximity.

In 2018, driven by the desire to bring a sustainable change to communities and to reconnect people with nature, Alexandre launched Vireo.

Since then, more than 150 Vireo projects are now active in schools. Today, we can say that Vireo focuses on cultivating humans rather than vegetables!

Be a part of Vireo’s story

Vireo’s nature

Actualization and development

Being human-oriented, Vireo advocates self-actualization and personal, interpersonal and academic development so that everyone can understand their relationship with the world today.


The dedication of our multidisciplinary team members makes them Vireo ambassadors, each in their own way.


At Vireo, kindness guides our actions everyday to create human experiences and environments that promote well-being and respect.


At Vireo, boldness and dynamism are part of our daily life. This is what drives us to constantly innovate and improve our offer so that it reflects the needs of schools. We aspire to keep going further to continue helping you bring your ambitions, projects and objectives to life.


Vireo believes in sharing among humans and communities, which is why we support you in the projects you want to accomplish. We aspire to be a partner who helps you achieve the success you seek.